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First it is precised that these terms rule the sales made by ORGON'AUDE. These conditions are applied excluding any others.

1.1 - Not being under the TVA system, the prices of our products are net and marked in euros, without sharing of the process and mail costs.

1.2 - In case of order towards another country than metropolitan France, you are considered as the importator of the products. For all the products sent outside the European Union and DOM-TOM, the prices will be automatically calculated duty-free on the invoice. Custom-duties, other local taxes, importation taxes or state taxes may be claimed. These are not within the competence of ORGON'AUDE. They are under your entire responsability and to be paid by you, as well in terms of declaration or payment to the authorities and official organisms of your country. We advice you to get information about these aspects with the local authorities.

1.3 - All orders from anywhere are payable in euros.

1.4 - ORGON'AUDE  reserves to itself full liberty to modify its prices at any time but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the price-lists in effect at the time of registration of the orders, subject to availability.

1.5 - The products remain the property of ORGON'AUDE until the full payment of their price.

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The contractual informations are presented in french, translated in english, and will be confirmed at last at the time of delivery. ORGON'AUDE reserves to itself full liberty to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a contest about the payment of a previous order.


You declare having read and accepted these present general terms of sale before ordering. Your order validation is therefore equal to the acceptance of these general terms of sale.
Except opposite proofs, the data registered by ORGON'AUDE constitute the proof of the whole of the deals existing between ORGON'AUDE  and its customers.

Our offers of products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on our websites, in the limit of available stocks. For the products not stocked in our storehouse, our offers are valid subject to availability with our tradesmen.
In this regard, indications about the availability of the products are given to you at the time of ordering. These informations issuing directly from our tradesmen, some mistakes or changes may occur, as an exception. In case of unavailability of a product after your order, we shall inform you by e-mail as soon as possible. Your order will automatically be cancelled and you will immediately be refund if your bank account had been debited.
For payment by cheque, in case of unavailability of all or part of the order, the refund will be done according to the choice of ORGON'AUDE, at last within thirty (30) days after the payment by the customer.


The products are delivered at the delivery address you have indicated in the process of order. The indicated time-limits are the average ordinary time-limits and correspond to the time-limits of process and delivery.
In case of items delivered at different times according to their availability, the time-limit of delivery is based on the longest one. However, ORGON'AUDE reserves for itself full liberty to split the delivery up. The process and mail fees will be invoiced for only one dispatch.
ORGON'AUDE will not be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in dispatching.
All order not sent within thirty (30) days after the time of order is cancelled, except if stipulated and announced on the sale offer.
In case of delay, an e-mail will be sent to you.
In case of payment by credit card, the indicated time-limits are average ones and correspond to the time-limits of process and delivery for products towards metropolitan France and Monaco.
In case of payment by cheque, the order will be processed at reception of the cheque. Therefore, the time-limits in this case are applied  from the day of receipt of the cheque and so, may be modified as compared with those mentioned on the day of order.


The settlement of your purchase is done :

  • by bank card (visa, master card, any other credit card...)
The debit of your card is done only at the time of dispatching of the order.

  • by cheque : in case of payment by cheque, this one must be issued from a bank established in metropolitan France or Monaco.
The cheque is presented for payment only at the time of dispatching the wares.
The cheque or postal money-order named to "ORGON'AUDE"will be sent to :
"Las Bernedos"
11, chemin de la Bernède
11190 Rennes-les-Bains


Our website is under a securized system : we have choosen Paypal securized system.


8.1 - You can return a product that does not satisfy you within seven (7) days after its receipt. Then the return costs are to be paid by you.
The returns have to be done to :
"Las Bernedos"
11, chemin de la Bernède
11190 Rennes-les-Bains

in their original package, complete (accessories, directions for use, etc.), undamaged, in good condition and with a copy of the invoice.

All items returned incomplete, spoilt, damaged or soiled by the customer will not be taken back.


We promise to refund or exchange any defective or inadequate product. In this case, we thank you for writing a detailed note and sending us the product(s) back.
ORGON'AUDE will, up to your choice, exchange or refund them.
The inquiry should be done within seven (7)business days  after the delivery.
Any claim after this time-limit will not be accepted. The return costs will be refund to you on the basis of the one invoiced.
In any case, you benefit of the legal warantee liabilities, particularly those related to the hidden defects.
The liabilities of this item do not prevent you from benefitting by your right of retractation (satisfied or refund), as foreseen in Item 8.


The refund of products in the cases notified in Items 8 and 9 will be done within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the products by us.
The refund will be done according to the choice of ORGON'AUDE by cheque named to the customer who ordered and sent to the address mentioned on the order. No cash on delivery will be accepted, whatever may be the purpose.


For all information or question, our customer department is at your disposal.


12.1 - All texts, commentaries, booklets, drawings and pictures featured in ORGON'AUDE websites are reserved by author rights as well as intellectual property, and this for the whole world, on behalf of this and according to the items of intellectual property, only private use is authorized, subject to different liabilities, even restrictive, in the code of intellectual property. All partial or full copy of the ORGON'AUDE websites is strictly forbidden.


The proposed products are conform to the french law in force. The responsability of ORGON'AUDE could not be engaged in case of non-respect of the law of the country where the products are delivered (for example : in case of a forbidden title...).
It belongs to you to check with the local authorities the possibilities of importation or use of the products or services you plan to order.
The photos are shown as an illustration. We invite you to read the descriptive leaflet of each product in order to know its precise characteristics ; and in case of doubt, or if you want some additive information, please contact us.
The indications of weight and dimensions are approximative and thus are not contractual.
In case of obvious mistake between the characteristics of the product and its exhibition, and/or the terms of the sale, the responsability of ORGON'AUDE could not be engaged.
In case of hypertext links towards other websites from ours, this one will not be held responsible for the content of the informations given on these sites, after activating these links.
In case of professional purchase, ORGON'AUDE will not be reponsible for all indirect damages caused by : loss of management, loss of profit, loss of luck, damages or costs.


14.1 - If your parcel is returned to us with this motive : NPAI (does not live at this address), parcel not claimed within the time-limit of instancy imparted, or parcel refused by the consignee when dispatched, the subsequent conditions are applied :

14.2 - Parcel not dispatched under the motive NPAI :
If the parcel has been sent to a false or incomplete address, the mistake being due to the customer, the parcel will be sent again at your costs. If the mistake is due to us, we shall support the costs of re-sending.

14.3 - Parcel not dispatched under the motive "parcel not claimed within the time-limit of instancy" :
If you are absent at the time of delivery, the parcel is kept in the nearest post-office, where you can get it within fifteen (15) days, if you present the calling card left by the postman in your mailbox.
After this time-limit, the post-office sends us back every parcel not claimed. In all these cases, you are responsible for the claim and a re-sending is at your costs.

14.4 - Parcel is not dispatched under the motive "parcel refused by the consignee at delivery":
If you refuse the parcel because it presents obvious marks of opening and/or damaging of the package supposed to damage the merchandise, you should ask for and fill a damage form at the post-office and inform us quickly. You should also notify a subject on the delivery note describing the damages and then, confirm by recorded delivery at last within three (3) days after receipt of the parcel, and send us a copy of this mail. An insurance or refund by the company will support the prejudice and ORGON'AUDE will proceed to the replacement and delivery of the same merchandise. The condition of the parcel and of its content is considered to be verified as soon as the delivery note is signed. In case of non-respect of the previous indication, no claim will be received. (Item L.133-3, code of trade)

14.5 - If a parcel is returned by La Poste, we inform you by e-mail or phone and give you the procedure to follow. We shall re-send it after payment of the costs.

14.6 - If you do not pay these re-sending fees, or if you do not claim for this parcel again and that this parcel comes back again, it will be stocked by us during three (3) months. After this time-limit, we reserve for ourself the right to dispose of these items, without any advance notice or formal demand. This decision does not open any right to refund, exchange or indemnification.


This present contract is under the french law. The language is english, translated from french. In case of contest, the french court alone is qualified.


ORGON'AUDE promises not to divulge the informations that you communicate to us. These are confidential. They will only be used to process your order and personalize the mailing and cultural offer of products reserved to ORGON'AUDE customers, mainly through news letters to which you may subscribe and also within the personalization of our websites according to your centers of interest.
If you do not want it, please notify us at our address. Therefore, according to the act on data files and individual liberties of 6 January 1978, you dispose of a right of access, rectification or objection to your personal data. For this, it is only necessary to notify us by mail or e-mail, with your name, first name, address and if possible, your customer reference number.
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